Family Time in Flagstaff

After another adventure filled trip back and forth across the lower 48 we find ourselves back in Flagstaff, ready for a little break.  We’ve been on the move and/or busy for too long and are ready to chill out here in Flag for…a month or so.

Honestly, we need a little time to get caught up on life.  We need to take care of ourselves.  We need to workout and exercise.  We need to visit the doctors office.  We need to pay bills,  do taxes, catch up on expense reports, and revise bank and retirement accounts.  We need to get ready for the next big adventure…

So while we’re here in Flagstaff the kids are going to attend preschool, giving me time to catch up on this blog.  I currently have 78 drafts in the queue and am going to work backward through our adventures until I can bring things up to date.  So, let the fun begin.

We arrived in Flagstaff just as the aspen leaves began to turn color on the mountain and not wanting to waste any time, we scheduled a hike into the inner basin where we could test Marcy’s cortisone treated knee while enjoying the beauty of the San Francisco peaks.  We were likely a little early for the peak leaf color, but also missed the peak of the hiker traffic.


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