Dinosaur National Monument

After enjoying another night at Willow Creek Reservoir and spending the morning with our new friends Stewart, Ashly and kids, we headed west towards Dinosaur National Monument. I had plans to camp along the Green River at a remote campground in the Colorado side of the park, but due to heavy rain the road was impassable. We quickly modified plans and headed to the Utah portion of the park where we set up camp between thunderstorms, caught a brief glimpse of the beautiful sunlit mountains and retired early.

The next morning we headed to the visitor center and then on to the “dinosaur quarry” where the 149 million year old  fossilized bones lay exposed in the ancient river bank.  Many of the fossils have been removed and are on display in museums across the continent, but these that remain are permenantly displayed where they were found, in the rock wall now enclosed by the showcase building. It’s an impressive display and awe inspiring for all ages.

The kids enjoyed several ranger talks and completed their Junior Ranger booklets, becoming official Dinosaur National Monument Junior Rangers.

Now we’re headed south through western Colorado and into eastern Utah where we’ll meet Sarah, Bill, and the girls for a weekend of camping at Natural Bridges National Monument.


Uplifted rocks at Dinosaur National Monument


The “Dinosaur Quarry” wall

Proud Junior Rangers

Paleontologists in the making


Stegosaurus, similar to the ones found in the quarry

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