The Source of the Mississippi River

As we looked at the map planning the best route between our just completed canoe adventure in Ely, MN and the airport in Fargo, ND we noticed that it wouldn’t be much of a detour to swing by the headwaters of the Mississippi River.  Itasca State Park Here we come…

The Mississippi River joins the sea in Louisiana and starts its journey in Minnesota.  Hmmm.

The sign post states that the river travels 2,552 miles on it’s way to the ocean, but since the sign was carved the river has short cut about 200 miles off that journey.  Regardless, that’s quite a trip and it all starts here where the water first slips over the boulders at the edge of Lake Itasca.



The Baby Mississippi


Enjoying a beautiful afternoon at the source of the Mississippi River


Praying for no mosquitos?



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