Regina Joins the Baja Fun

Our good friend Regina made perfect use of her Spring break and joined us for five days of Baja fun. 

Want to fly to La Paz?  Here’s how it done Regina style. 

  1. Catch an Uber ride to the boarder south of San Diego
  2. Walk across the boarder to the Tiajuana airport
  3. Fly direct to La Paz (1 hour 40 minute flight)

Bienvenidos a La Paz Regina. 

Whenever someone comes to visit us in Baja, we tend to pack too much into the schedule. There’s just so much to show and never enough days to do it. With Reg, it wasn’t quit as bad, but we still stuffed a lot of fun into a short week. 

We of course walked the Malecon, ate at some nice restaurants and enjoyed the city, but Regina also joined us in Spanish class. Having lived in Guatemala for 8 months, she could easily jump into our classes without a problem. We translated a popular Latino pop song and then all sang along.  Flaca, no me claves…

Any trip to Baja need to include some beach time and we found a couple of great ones for Regina. One night we camped on the beach and Reg decided to forgo the tent and enjoy a night below the starry sky. Unfortunately Chris couldn’t join her on this trip, but I’m sure they’ll be back. 


beach babes and best friends


beach getaway after spanish class


Marce and Reg with Isla Cerralvo in the background


tacos on the beach for dinner


Reg sleeps under the stars


a perfect start to another great day in Baja

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