NM Sapce History Museum

The State of New Mexico played a huge role in the development of the Atomic Bomb, and later in the advancement of the Space exploration program.  Fittingly, the Space History Museum is located here and showcases many artifacts related to rocket and spaceship design, creation, and testing.  Although much of the information is beyond the comprehension of the kids, there are plenty of interactive displays to keep them interested.

The blast-off simulator kept Derek occupied for an hour. After selecting his desired rocket, he would start the countdown and await the simulated blast-off forces. The sound was intense, but the shaking floor made him giggle over and over again. 

For Morgan the Space Shuttle landing simulator was the big hit. She would help set up the program and then watch Daddy struggle to maintain the proper course. She enjoyed hearing the tower give commands to adjust my flight path and laughed out loud when the tower commented that I had “flown where no man has flown before”.

Later we dressed in spacesuits for a quick walk on the moon.  Derek chose to remain on Planet Earth. 


ladies lunar landing


mission accomplished


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