Two Suite nights

After picking Marcy up at the airport in Corpus Christi we headed west to San Antonio. Marcy had some conference follow-up to complete and I needed to troubleshoot the van’s a/c system, so we decided to check into an Embassy Suites for a couple of nights. Sometimes it’s just easier to get things done when we’re out of the van.

Part of choosing a vehicle supported life is understanding the fixing you rig is going to part of your world. I grew up working beside some really talented mechanics in my Dad’s excavation business and that knowledge pays dividends every day. Of course now I’m usually in a parking lot, on my back, sweating and swearing instead of in a fully furnished garage, but like I said, we chose this. 

So I dug into the heater underworld and discovered nothing…But a little Duramax Van Forum research and I was back in business. It’s simply amazing how much info is shared through these forums. This time “Shop Specialties” saved me hours of frustration, sleepless nights, and sweaty drives with no A/C. 

Once I found the failed vacuum hose it was as easy as catching an Uber ride to the nearest Autozone. A few more hours of rebuilding my destruction and we had cold air through all vents. Old fashion mechanical skills with an assist from modern technology and we’re ready for Big Bend. 

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