‘Dega Baby

Happy Birthday to Doug. 

A couple of months ago, when we started to put some real dates to our travel plans, Marcy asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.  A quick glance at our schedule and I realized that the NASCAR race in Talladega was a possibility. So we ordered tickets, pit passes, and reserved an infield camping space. 

I’ve been a race fan for almost three decades now, and Talladega is one of those “holy grail” type of places. I don’t really believe in Bucket Lists, but this is one of those places that makes that kind of list.  It didn’t disappoint.

We arrived on Thursday evening in order to get to our campsite before the Friday on-track activities began. The idea is to get all the big RVs across the track and into the infield while the track isn’t being used by race cars. In hindsight we likely could have entered through the the tunnel under the track, but RVs are scheduled to cross the track in turn 3. Regardless, it was cool to drive across the track and kick off the race weekend. 

Our site was nothing special, but was everything we needed. Hell, its in the middle of friggin’ Talladega Superspeedway!

The race was awesome. Well, all but the end. Junior had the fastest car and should have won, but NASCAR’s new green, white, checker rule (now revised for 2016) screwed up the finish. Regardless, it was amazing to be in the stands for the race and camped in the infield for the weekend.  I have a feeling we might get to do some more weekends like this in the future…

Dale Jr on his qualifying lap


Crossing the Backstretch to get to our campsite

Our traditional birthday (pan)cake


enjoying the truck race on Saturday


on pit road with amelia, dale jr ‘s rocket ship


Marcy and Derek with Tony Stewart’s chevy


a race fan is born


daddy’s little race fan


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