GA Zoo/RV Park

Not all RV parks are created equal.  For example some include a ZOO…

On our way north to Talladega we needed a place to spend a night and a quick Google search revealed the Chehaw Park in Albany, GA. Not only is this a huge wide open RV park, but it also houses over 100 acres of accredited zoo, including a Black Rhinoceros.  We had to stop…

Camping was the usual routine, but this place gets the silver medal for playground size, coming in second to Yuma, AZ.  The kids might never have left the playground if it weren’t for the zoo. 

As for the zoo, the kids of course had a wonderful time. Meerkats, big cats, coyotes, and of course the famous Rhino to name a few. 

For a quick stop on our way north, we couldn’t have hoped for anything more.


like mother, like daughter


green gator


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