Barcelona, Jekyll Island, and the Okefenoke Swamp

Immediately following the Overland Expo, Marcy had to fly to Barcelona, Spain for a week long conference. The kids and I dropped her off at the Charlotte Airport and headed south in search of drier weather. 

While stopped to check out the maps we found this Praying Mantis. Thanks to the Wild Kratts, the kids knew all about this cool creature.  

“Chris and Martin” checking for creature powers

We finally found dry weather back in GA and headed to Jekyll Island Campground, Mom and Bill’s old stomping ground, for a few days of fun. The Sea Turtle Rescue Center was a hit. 

getting introduced to the current residents of the Sea Turtle Rescue Center

After hanging with the sea turtles, the kids were ready to see some gators so we headed west to the Okefenoke Swamp. 

Gator central…look out!


Morgan and a gator nest



swamp tour


gators , gators, and more gators


Derek and “Big Toe”


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