Overland Expo East, Asheville, NC

Expedition is the term used to describe a trip with a specific destination or goal. 

Overlanding is the term used to describe a trip, where the trip itself is the goal. 

The overland expo is a conference/meeting of these overlanding individuals where knowledge is shared, equipment showed off, and skills improved. 

We headed to Asheville knowing that we were going to get WET!  Hurricane Juaquine was headed up the Atlantic coast and initial predictions were for up to 12″ of rain in Western NC. Luckily things never got quite that bad in Asheville, but we were prepared. On our drive from Georgia to Asheville we stopped at a Walmart to buy rubber boots and rain gear. Without that gear, this would have been a miserable weekend. Instead we had a ton of fun. 

We finalized our discussions regarding roof rack plans, researched travel in Central and South America, and did some role play of boarder crossing scenarios. Maybe someday we’ll be able to share some of our expertise as well. 


I’m sure glad we have 4WD


Setting up camp at the Overland Expo


Clean Morgan, Dirty Brienne



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