On the Road Again

Finally, after a summer of fun and hard work, we’re back on the road. Of course this time we have packed everything away in our storage shed, sold the Nissan Murano, and are awaiting the closing on our house sale. The times they are a changing…

Everything seems to take us longer than we plan, but eventually we tie up the loose ends. That seems to be the theme for this summer, but finally we’re wrapping up with life in Newfield. Now we’re off to Georgia, me in the Van with the Vette in tow, Marcy in the GTO. Kids get to choose. 

Newfield home in the background, New home in the fore

We’re going to store the Vette and GTO in Georgia near my Mom and Bill’s place.  With Marcy’s brother’s family in FL as well, it makes sense to have the cars nearby for future trips back east to visit family. 

the kids playing with their toys while I pack away mine

Now we’re off to Ashville, NC for the Overland Expo, a gathering of vehicle based world travelers. 

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