Overland Expo West, Flagstaff, AZ

Shortly after arriving back in Ithaca, I was headed out again, this time by air. Destination Flagstaff, AZ for the Overland Expo. This expo is designed to educate overland travelers and showcase the tools of the trade while giving these like minded world travelers a water cooler of sorts to share their stories. Knowing we would be on the road for the next several years, this seemed like a great opportunity to research gear and pick the brains of those who have much more experience with overland travel. 

The list of classes is impressive but I focused on those related to travel in Central and South America. I also met with many vendors to see what cool gear might make our lives easier. My biggest takeaway, Go Now!!!
The weather was cold, snowy, and rainy, but the event was still well worth the effort. Additionally, I was able to see my sisters family each evening and spend some quality time with my Brother in law at the expo. Overall a great trip and I think we’ll try to attend the East coast version in Asheville, NC in October. 


Brienne’s cousin (Dave and Diane’s Aluminess Sporty)


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