Eastbound through Texas

We’re rolling east towards Austin to catch up with Marcy’s good friend Amanda. We left Tombstone yesterday afternoon with no real plan other that to put some miles behind us.  We cruised through El Paso in the dark and finally pulled into Van Horn around midnight. Luckily we found a RV park with plenty of open space and just parked. At that hour the standard operating procedure in the RV world is to park, get to bed, and settle-up in the morning. 

Marcy had a little work to get out so I decided to head to Ft. Stockton where the kids and I could visit the museum while Marcy was on the phone. We learned about the Fort and how it had been established to help stabilize the region as the settlers moved west.  The museum also had a very interesting video regarding the “Buffalo Soldiers”. 

Following the museum visit we walked the grounds of the Fort and had some fun role-playing in each of the buildings. Of course the jail was the most fun and we spent an hour chasing down the “bad guy” and locking him/her in the chains. 

We’ll be in Austin tonight. 


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