Casa Grande and the Rooster Cockburn Ostrich Ranch

With tax day quickly approaching we needed to invest some time and energy in wrapping up loose ends. That certainly seemed easier to do in a hotel than the van, so we headed to Casa Grande for a couple of days in a Holiday Inn. Ironically, while waiting at the stoplight before the hotel, a truck pulled up beside us and rolled down his window…

“Awesome van.  You can just drive to the top of any mountain and camp right there. We know your not looking for a hotel”

We just laughed, agreed, and then put on our blinker and turned into the hotel parking lot. 

The weather was beautiful in Casa Grande and it honestly felt like a vacation as we splashed around the pool, laughing and truly enjoying each other’s company. We have a great life and try our best to remember and appreciate that whenever we can. 

For a change of pace the kids and I headed to the Rooster Cockburn Ostrich Ranch where we fed burros, birds, deer, ostrich, and even kissed a goat. 

Overall a productive and fun first few days back in the USA. 

Morgan and the long-necked deer


i hope the Ostrich has a sign warning him about Derek


a full house


Morgan made a friend


and a few more friends


because i can


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