Catavina is a land of amazing boulder formations. We hurried our way through on the way south because we were meeting my parents at the La Paz ferry, but we looked forward returning for some exploring. We still didn’t really explore the boulders, but did have a great day. Our friends Gary and Grechen love the area around Catavina, and had told us stories of a man named Ralph who checks in on the campers passing through. If you need help with just about anything Ralph is there to offer assistance. 

We didn’t have any mechanical issues, but we were definitely glad to see Ralph ride up on his dirt bike. He invited us to his house with a half joking “I don’t drink alone, and since you’re here we better not waste the chance”.  We enjoyed some morning tequila and listened to stories of his 30+ years of Baja experience.  I could have stayed for days and luckily Ralph invited us back on our next trip, with one caveat, we stay for several days. I can’t wait. 


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