Los Frailes and Cabo Pulmo

After four days of hanging out in Cabo San Lucas we were ready from some remote beach time. Since Marcy was back in the States for some work meetings, I decided to head to Los Frailes to catch up with Mom and Bill. I had heard mixed reviews about camping here, but we found it to quite enjoyable. There were about 40 RVs parked in the arroyo, but my folks had scored a perfect spot tucked into the trees and just behind the dunes from the beach.

We spent four days here, snorkeling, hiking, whale watching and just enjoying life. We did have a couple of thunderstorms which is extremely rare for this time of year, but things dry out quickly once the sun comes back out.

Cabo Pulmo is a Mexican National Marine Park and is well known for its living coral. To visit here and not go for a tour would be crazy, so even though the weather was less than perfect, we dressed in wetsuits and jumped aboard a panga. We saw plenty of coral and cool reef fish, but the real gem was the school of sardines. Honestly, there were millions of them pushed against the rocks by a crowd of hungry gamefish. Grouper, pargo, and cabrilla cruised ever so calmly around the perimeter of the school. For me, seeing those gamefish in action was worth every cent that the tour cost. 

We shared the tour with a Mexican family and we all got a laugh out of Morgan. While the Mexican kids were crying about having to get in the water Morgan was crying when I wouldn’t let her get in. That’s my girl.

Morgan overlooking Los Frailes


hiking the hills with Mammi and Papa Bear



Cabo Pulmo rainbow


the kids favorite sign in Los Frailes


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