Albuquerque and Santa Fe

As we drove west toward Albuquerque we decided to spend the night in Cedar Crest and do our first real primitive camping. It was fun to just park, level up the van and enjoy the stars. 

It was quite cold at the higher elevation and we’re learning that with the top popped the van is not very well insulated. Of course we have a diesel air heater that quickly warms the living space, but someone has to take one for the team and leave the warmth of their sleeping bag to turn on the heater.  I’m going to need a remote control…

In the morning we decended into Albuquerque and headed downtown for a couple of days of city living. Marcy had some work to get out, so the kids and I enjoyed a day at Explora, the children’s discovery museum. While in Albuquerque we also were able to visit the Natural History Museum. Both museums are very well done and entertained us for hours all for free using our reciprocal science center membership card. 

Derek and Morgan making tracks in the sand

Since the kids have never traveled by train before, we decided to take the rail to Santa Fe. It was a great day trip that allowed us all to enjoy the journey without having to drive ourselves. However, the trip was not without excitement…  Anyone that has tried to catch a train with Marcy will understand how we almost missed the train, ended up running to make up time, and finally had to hoist the kids over a wall to take a necessary shortcut. Once in Santa Fe we had breakfast, toured the church, and of course found a playground for the kids. Definitely a beautiful area. 

As a bonus we found and Advanced Biostructural Correction practitioner in Albuquerque. After all the driving time my spine was starting ache and Gabe at 3H was able to get both Marcy and me road ready again. Now we’re off to Flagstaff. 

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