We headed west from the Wichita Mountains On our way to the Texas Panhandle. People had warned us that this was an extremely boring drive, and although it was flat, it was still beautiful in its own way.  Making it even more beautiful was this mural. 

We headed to Cap Rock Canyon for a couple of days. The weather didn’t really cooperate as windy cold weather chased us inside, but we did get in some hiking and found a playground for the kids. 

This park is home the official Texas Bison herd and we were lucky enough to cross paths with a herd of about 50 as they headed to the lake for water.  We must have watched them for 45 minutes as they wallowed in the dirt, drank, chased each other around and did some sparing. 

For the kids, the big hit was the prairie dog colony that lived along the path between our campsite and the bathroom. 

On Sunday we headed to Amarillo with hopes of finding a family friendly sports bar where we could catch the Pats-Broncos game.  Marcy googled and found the “IDK” bar which is located right on Old Route 66. It fit the bill and as a bonus the NASCAR race was on the other big screen.  Pats kicked Denver’s ass with a 43-21 stomping. 

While chatting with folks at the bar we learned that Amarillo is America’s windiest city. Wikipedia confirmed that fact and the bar patrons advised us that if we moved to Amarillo that we choose our fence wisely. Too tight of spacing would have all the blowing trash captured in our fence. Open fencing lets it fly on through to your neighbors. 

We had originally planned for a several day stay in Amarillo, but rainy weather forecast for the next three days pushed us to head further west. The weather looks good in Albequerque…

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