Anna, TX “Glowfest”


When we left Blacksburg, VA, our sights were set on Anna, TX for the annual “Glowfest” and today we headed there for the hot air balloon festival. Although we arrived a little late (missed the car show) the kids didn’t notice. They immediately headed for the six bounces houses. I tried to alter the course towards the sound of camed up V-8s, but the momentum was too strong. The kids proceeded to play themselves into a fully overheated state in the bounce houses and we finally had to drag them out for a visit to the make your own slushie booth. As the sun began to set, the balloons began to fire up.

IMG_0535.JPG To top off a great event, they allowed the kids to trick or treat at each of the 16 balloons. I thought it was super cool to walk up to the basket while they were at full flame, but Derek didn’t like it at all. Morgan realized that the candy reward was worth the risk and made the rounds. Oh yeah, it was my Birthday too, so overall a great day.

DSC_0329 (2)

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