The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

October 21, 2014.  Anyone who knows me well can’t believe I’m not hunting this fall, but I sure am getting my fix of wildlife.

Yesterday, I was with Morgan as she watched a herd bull bugling; fighting off a young bull, and tending his harem. Earlier today, while driving to the hightest peak in the Smokey Mountains, we spotted a black bear hiding in the woods. Tonight we saw beautiful whitetail bucks sparing in a field near Cades Cove loop, and watched three coyotes hunting for mice in the meadow.






After a day outdoors and time spent in the settler’s farm museum, we contemplate the fortitude and determination of the early settlers. What a day’s work looked like in the 1700s compared to the 2010s. I explained to Morgan that if she were a young girl living in that time, there were few luxuries….a wooden bed. No sink; just a bowl and a pitcher of water. She and Derek got to split chores. Morgan decided to milk the cows and gather chicken eggs. Derek wanted to feed the pigs and chase the chickens (even at this young age he knows how to annoy his older sister).

It really is hard to imagine building every structure from scratch. You build the house, the barn, the shed, the corn crib, all by hand…after you cut down the trees, and shape each and every log for its intended purpose. No trips to Lowe’s or Home Depot, just blood, sweat and tears. Amazing.

Tomorrow we’re headed out of the park via a 4×4 route.



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