Officially on the Road

Thursday, October 16, 2014 was our planned date of departure. However, as is often the case, Marcy and I under estimated how long it would actually take us to pack and prep the house for our extended absence and decided to hit the road on Friday morning instead.

However this turned out to be the right move as we were able to wrap up most loose ends around the house and do a very thorough packing job on the van. (I’m sure there will be some repacking/organizing as we settle into life on the road, but we definitely got off on the right foot). Additionally, the Friday departure allowed me to catch the Pats game on Thursday night. It was an ugly win over the Jets, but a win is a win.

On Friday morning we finally pulled out of the drive with 9 hours of travel ahead of us. Destination…Blacksburg, VA.



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